Anaesthetic Circuits

Anaesthetic Circuits

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Product no.: ITS041

Magill - Mapleson A - Ideally suited for the spontaneously breathing patient with the added benefit of using lower fresh gas flows. Patient weight 10kgs or above. 

£18.35 *
Product no.: ITS034

Parallel Lack - Mapleson A - Overcomes the traditional problems associated with the APL valve being positioned at the patient connection. The APL valve is fixed in position to stop the possibility of micronfiguration.

£22.75 *
Product no.: ITS040

Bain Coaxial Circuit - Fresh gas flows via a small bore central tube. Expired gases travel through the outer 22mm tube to the rebreathing bag and expiratory scavenge valve. Patient weight 10kg or above. 

£19.85 *
Product no.: ITS035

Modified Ayres T-piece complete with 0.5Litre Re-Breathing bag. 

£23.95 *
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