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UV Lamps Torches & Head Lamps

UV Lamps Torches & Head Lamps

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Product no.: WA49024

This procedure headlight features cool, white light for procedures and examinations. Featuring an optional rechargable power supply on a belt clip, to provide one hour of continuous use. The head band features a comfort fit adjustable design. The unit weighs just 170 grams and has adjustable light spot size from 1" to 6".

£529.00 *
Product no.: KLM079
Brightness is more than 50,000 Lux (at 25cm)
£295.00 *
Product no.: KVD800

The HL800 head-light is designed for examination use and all types of surgical operations including microsurgery. Extremely lightweight and easily adjusted, the HL800 can be used comfortably for long periods.

£329.00 *
Product no.: MAGW100

Emits an ultraviolet light allowing clinicians to correctly inspect and diagnose a variety of conditions.

£129.00 *
Product no.: MAGW150
Old price £138.00
£127.65 *
Product no.: KSU018S
£2.50 *
Product no.: KSU020
£1.50 *
Product no.: WA46074

Provide illumination precisely where it’s needed with cool, bright light that ensures comfort for both doctor and patient. 

£259.00 *
Product no.: KLM983
£178.50 *
Product no.: KLM543
£685.00 *
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