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Product no.: KVS354

Two scales in one: seca 354 are veterinary scales with comfortable weighing tray. But, they can be quickly converted into flat scales with a capacity of 20 kg The weighing tray and the base which serves as the flat scales are securely locked together thus ensuring that the animal can be weighed absolutely safely.

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Product no.: KVS355
Ideal veterinary scale for the larger animal with Clear bright display (LCD). Stainless steel non-tip platform with optional rubber mat (as shown). AC adapter & dry cell battery (adapter included). Wall or desk mounted indicator (comes complete with wall bracket).
£215.00 *
Product no.: KVS356

Inexpensive veterinary scale with good accuracy for weighing small animals

£95.00 *
Product no.: KVS357

An accurate and easily portable small animal veterinary scale

£139.00 *
Product no.: KVS358

A robust solid state scale with rigid stainless steel platform

£275.00 *
Product no.: KVS359

4 sensors high accuracy technology

£99.00 *
Product no.: KVS368
Large LCD display, easy to read
£149.00 *
Product no.: KVS363

Stainless Steel Platform Scale - 150kg.

£299.00 *
Product no.: KVS364

Stainless Steel Platform Scale - 300kg

£299.00 *
Product no.: KVS366

Pet Platform Scale MV302600

£149.00 *
Product no.: KVS367

Large Animal Scale BW-7842

£526.90 *
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