Little Sister SES 2010 Autoclave

Little Sister SES 2010 Autoclave

Product no.: KAU2010
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The new Little Sister SES2010 displacement (non vacuum) autoclave provides the practitioner with a cost effective solution to meet the NHS HTM2010 testing guidelines and protocols Safe Autoclaves are widely acknowledged as the best way to sterilise equipment and instruments efficiently and effectively and achieve a standard of sterilisation that can not be equalled.


The risks of contamination and possible cross-infection resulting from trapped air are eliminated with confidence. In the fight against the transmission of Hepatitis B and HIV, the Little Sister SES 2010 autoclave is a potential life saver too. Simple to use Microprocessor controlled preventing operator error.


The hygienic 'touch panel' controls activate a choice of cycles provided by the Little Sister SES 2010 autoclave. Select the appropriate temperature option for the load type, and with one touch it's in operation. It is so simple, anyone can work it.



  • The Little Sister SES 2010 autoclave has a cycle logger which enables a permanent record of each cycle to be kept. This means reassurance for both you and your patient.
  • Rapid 12 minute cycle
  • The 134°C without drying cycle takes only 12 minutes.
  • Three other cycles are available: 134°C with drying and 121°C with and without drying.
  • Time includes condensing.
  • Chamber size The SES 2010 autoclave has an 11 litre chamber (20cm diameter 35cm long )
  • Capacity The SES 2010 autoclave is capable of sterilising six 'Examination' size trays or HFiT 10 cassettes (18cm x 14cm).
  • It will also accomodate two standard trays or HFiT 20 cassettes (28cm x 18cm and two 'Examination' size trays or HFiT 10 cassettes (18cm x 14cm)
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