Enigmatic 5 Litre ultrasonic Cleaner

Enigmatic 5 Litre ultrasonic Cleaner

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Tank Size: 250 x 140 x 150mm 

If you read all autoclave instructions they expect the instruments put in them to be thoroughly disinfected to a molecular level. The autoclave will not be 100% effective if all debris has not been removed prior to sterilisation phase.

Additionally by removing debris from the instruments before going into the autoclave it will mean that your autoclave is less likely to fail or clog up through time. Hydrosonic ultrasonic cleaners are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and finished with an attractive wipe clean surface.

Each unit incorporates an automatic frequency control that adjusts the ultrasonic waves according to the load conditions. Reliable and powerful transducer – Built to last Designed to remove soft tissue deposit found on veterinary instruments Stainless steel cover and basket Rear drain valve and hose 60 minute timer Safe reliable and easy to operate.

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