Bitemaster Animal Handling Gauntlet Mens

Bitemaster Animal Handling Gauntlet Mens

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  • Elkhide Lined with Kevlar felt by DuPont
  • Cut Resistant and Fire Proof
  • High Protection Against Penetration
  • Comfort for Everyday Use

Our redesigned Animal Handling Gauntlet offers high penetration resistance and is comfortable to use everyday.

The hand is made from Elkhide whilst the cuff is made from cowhide, fully lined with Kevlar felt by DuPont.

Suitable for handling feral cats and small monkeys. The gauntlet has a 35cm cuff and they are available in 2 sizes, Men’s and Ladies'.

Each Animal Protection Glove is made for specific purposes with known trade-offs such as greater dexterity for decreased protection or reduced dexterity for increased protection. In general, thinner gloves provide decreased penetration protection as well as decreasing crushing protection. The materials used also influence the amount of protection provided. Be sure you understand the limitations of your gloves before purchasing them.


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