Quick Release Dog Grasper Snare 122cm

Quick Release Dog Grasper Snare 122cm

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The animal grasper has become essential for anyone involved in animal control and welfare particularly when dealing with dogs.

Using a grasper has proved to be the most positive and effective way to catch a stray dog, to rescue a dog which is trapped and distressed or to deal safely and humanely with a dog which is hostile or vicious. In these and other situations the animal can be seized and restrained from a safe distance.

MDC graspers have evolved from working closely with individuals and organisations out in the field and the results of this sensible cooperation are reflected in the robust simplicity of the MDC products.

When capturing stray dogs, speed is of the essence. Having placed the loop around the dog's neck, the operator can pull the cable to tighten the grasper; it will then instantly lock in the required position. The dog will then be held securely, requiring no effort from the operator.

If a larger loop is required, pull the metal knob on the end of the grasper and feed more cable through.

The grasper is fitted with a hand grip. Parts which may come into contact with the animal are plastic covered to prevent any damage to the dog's teeth. When the operator is required to put the dog into a van or kennel, the quick release mechanism can be operated by pulling the ring provided, instantly releasing the animal into a safe environment.

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