Hospitalisation Basket

Hospitalisation Basket

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The hospitalisation basket has been developed to house cats, particularly feral or fractious cats, following veterinary treatment and it has a number of important features. First there is an end door to facilitate transfer of the cat from a trap transfer basket or restraining basket; then once safely installed the cat can be confined to one half of the basket, by means of a divider panel, whilst the other half is cleaned - the top opening is divided for this reason. These features eliminate the need for any contact between the cat and the attendant so that both can remain calm and safe at all times. The basket is spacious and can accommodate a litter tray and food.

The basket is made with strong steel mesh and is then plastic dipped for durability and ease of cleaning.

910mm (36in) long x 380mm (15in) wide x 355mm (14in) high. 
Weight: 48kg (8.8lb)

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