Bitemaster Workaday Goves MEDIUM

Bitemaster Workaday Goves MEDIUM

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Our Workaday Gloves are designed for day-in, day-out wear yet offer unusually high protection against penetration from bites and scratches, thanks to their topgrain leather construction with full Spectra lining. This is a police field glove beefed up for animal handling. We have not found a more comfortable glove in the world that offers this level of safety.

MDC Animal Protection Gloves are designed to be as protective as possible but, as with all gloves, will have certain limitations. MDC gloves must be used intelligently, cautiously, and with the assumption that injuries caused by animals may occur while using them.

Each MDC Animal Protection Glove is made for specific purposes with known trade-offs such as greater dexterity for decreased protection or reduced dexterity for increased protection. In general, thinner gloves provide decreased penetration protection as well as decreasing crushing protection. The materials used also influence the amount of protection provided. Be sure you understand the limitations of your gloves before purchasing them.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best equipment we can to assist you in doing the safest job possible in your work with animals, but we cannot guarantee 100% protection in the wide variety of situations you encounter.

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